You are not alone. We've been there. We understand.
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Passion. Connection.  Experience.
Richard A. Baney, Jr.
Marketing and Business Development Coach & Consultant

      Rick comes with great respect and motivation for the  treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders, both  personally and professionally. With over thirty-four (34)  years, living and supporting the philosophy of treatment  for  successful recovery, Rick brings with him a multitude of  experience, knowledge, and resource in addressing the  needs and concerns of the addicted and their treatment representatives.

       Rick developed and co-founded Premier Recovery Options to make his  business development experience and  resource relationships available on a broader scale. To assist individuals, clinicians, and organizations in taking treatment services to the next level in their journey.

Rick’s experience, over the years, has included being the Director of Marketing and Business Development, with a National and International focus, for several successful treatment programs in California and Arizona. He has also worked as Director of Aftercare and Discharge Planning as well as an Intake and Admissions Coordinator. With over three (3) decades of successful relationship building and treatment resource and recovery experience, Rick brings with him the compassion, desire, and knowledge in helping those who struggle, find the appropriate assistance in their search for wellness, serenity, and success.

Jolene Baney
Licensed Spiritual Counselor
Life/Family Recovery Coach
Passion Map™ Facilitator

      Jolene is honoring a deep desire to help others experience a more passionate life.   Her training as a life coach, spiritual practitioner, and marathon team trainer, combined with years of motivating employees, has given her the skill and compassion to help others uncover their own true potential and move forward with passion and purpose.     

      Jolene is a certified life coach, licensed spiritual practitioner with the United Centers for Spiritual Living, and is an accredited Passion Maps facilitator.   She holds a BA in Sociology and an MA in Organizational Management.     

      Growing up in an alcoholic family and later transcending relationships torn apart by addictive behavior, Jolene personally understands how the human spirit can always rise up and start anew, free from past decisions.      

      Her coaching practice is focused on family members – parents, spouses, partners, siblings, close friends - who are seeking to find their own way forward, moving past addictive behaviors into a new path of recovery.     

      Integrating invaluable lessons gained from a lifetime of experiences with years of training, Jolene creates awareness, motivation and direction for her clients via individual, couples, and group coaching.

You are not alone.  We've been there.  We understand. 

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