You are not alone. We've been there. We understand.
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Marketing Services for Professionals & Treatment Programs

     Every professional, organization, and/or program seeks to grow and develop in order to reach the appropriate populations they serve. PRO’s primary focus is to generate a greater visibility and consistent image in your target communities.  We identify and capitalize on your unique strengths to drive your business to new levels.    We tap into our wide network of contacts to effectively create lasting referral relationships, and we work on your behalf with state & regional acknowledgment as a productive and reliable resource.  

     Relationship building is the "key" to most successful marketing efforts. We at PRO offer all of our experience, skill and contact relationships to create a solid referral network.  

     The following is a list of services available for but not 
limit to the accomplishment of these goals:

Professional Imaging & Strategic Planning

  • Work directly with your company staff to design and implement a strategic marketing plan focused on the development of business opportunities toward increased referral/census volume.
  • Create, support and represent the desired professional image and appearance of professionals and programs.

Direct Marketing & Business Coaching

  • Support & influence the development, and/or expansion of existing website, collateral materials and social networking to increase professional contact opportunities.
  • Represent your organization through direct marketing at strategic conferences and events.

Professional & Therapeutic Referral Services

  • Coordinate new contact appointments with referral resources and professional representatives locally, regionally and nationally for increased relationship development.
  • Ensure that you are connected to the most appropriate professional services and resources across the country, for your clients' and the family's on-going therapeutic support.

Local, Regional, and National Exposure and Support

  • Consult, design and advise implementation of marketing strategies for the desired target regions.
  • Focused marketing to all local, state & regional target areas designed to succeed in census goals. National contacts as needed/appropriate.
  • Direct the design, support and development of referral relationships with target specific professional groups, i.e., hospitals, primary treatment programs, therapists, schools/Educational Academies, extended care programs, transitional living, etc.

Referent & Database Development

  • Direct the development, and/or expansion of existing referral database to increase contact opportunities.
  • Coordinate/schedule marketing trips to target areas & regions for relationship/referral development.
  • Direct the design and coordination of any special events or professional visits/tours, i.e., networking luncheons, workshops, trainings, etc.

You are not alone.  We've been there.  We understand. 

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